responses to change

Now more than ever, social challenges require innovative, effective and shared solutions. For those who want to make a difference, it’s becoming more and more important to be able to measure results and share knowledge with all of the stakeholders involved. This is why we support public and private, profit and non-profit organisations in assessing the social impact of their programmes and projects, adapting methodologies and tools to different needs, and enhancing results, both in strategic terms and with respect to external communication. Our areas of competence extend beyond health, technologies and social innovation to include the socio-educational sector. Since 2016, we have been accredited for the Impact Assessment of projects financed by the Social Enterprise ‘Con i Bambini’ (the managing body of the National Fund for action against child education poverty) and partnering assessors of numerous winning projects.

The programme, promoted by the Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation (one of the largest business foundations in Europe), was coordinated by Impact Hub Global and managed in collaboration with Impact Hubs in Moscow, Florence, Birmingham, Zagreb and Yerevan. Each of the five Hubs created a working group of 20 people with different backgrounds, aimed at investigating the dimensions of “local challenges” that potentially block routes to employment, and then identifying concrete solutions to be put in place. As a result, in Florence we created Radical Learning: a certification platform for learning in informal contexts, and a means of enhancing transferable skills and preparing for the future of the labour market.

Coopser is an historic cooperative from Ferrara which works in logistics and porterage. From 2007, both the geographical area and the market in which they operate entered into crisis, causing negative repercussions on the company’s performance. We were tasked with analysing the company from a systemic perspective in order to evaluate the various components (economic, financial, and organisational). We carried out a performance assessment, proposed a strategic reorganisation strategy, and supported the Board in implementing it. Finally, we assisted the cooperative in the selection of the director, accompanying them for strategic decisions.

A small family run textiles company from Prato, which had always worked on behalf of third parties, decided to enter the B2C market thanks to the opportunities offered by online sales. We worked on the integration of (already present) Amazon business sales channels, with an e-commerce platform that we created on the website of the proprietary brand “Dalle Piane Cashmere”. Having prepared the IT infrastructure, we defined web marketing and conversion strategies for specific markets (Italy and USA), taking on the content strategy and the direct management of social channels. Finally, we implemented a reporting system for monitoring performance. These actions culminated in a growth in online B2C turnover of 1317% in the first 2 years of activity.