responses to change

In 2017 we were commissioned by CoopServizi, through UniAbita, one of the largest building cooperatives in Italy with over 18 thousand members and a net worth of over 280 million euros, to design and develop a branding and promotion strategy for the Univillage housing complex in Sesto San Giovanni, where 155 apartments had remained unsold.

The Univillage area, in the Cascina Gatti district, had undergone an important urban redevelopment process by UniAbita itself which, in addition to the reclamation of the area, had overseen the creation of a public urban park with cycle lanes and pedestrian paths, a covered square with shops and an educational centre for children, and urban allotments.

After carrying out Data Analysis (CAWI method) that allowed us to identify targets, we devised a marketing and destination branding strategy. This entailed restyling and preparation of the sales office, the creation of information materials, the creation of a dedicated website, and the generation of content for story telling videos and animations for social channels. In 22 months of activity we collected (through online leads) over 2,500 requests which resulted in 767 appointments, with 93 apartments sold for a total value of 20 million Euros (ROAS = 6.726%).

Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence is a former industrial complex of over 100,000 sqm where investment fund PW Real Estate III LP (Aermont Capital LLP) and Cdp Immobiliare (Cdp Group) are carrying out a major urban regeneration project. We have been tasked by MTDM, the company overseeing the regeneration project, to support the redevelopment of the buildings – during the time necessary for the completion of the large-scale building works – with citizen engagement activities; promoting a contemporary artistic and cultural programme which also deals with issues of sustainability; facility management of the available areas; and all web and visual communications. In the first 18 months, we have seen the successful involvement of over 200,000 people in the activities taking place there. In the summer season of 2019 alone, there were 260 largely free initiaitives aimed at children and families, the involvement of over 300 artists, 70 DJ sets, 35 workshops, 15 talks, 7 exhibitions, 50 film screenings, carried out in collaboration with over 60 different partners.

In 2018 we proved our commitment to enhancing our experience as city makers, with the writing of a White Paper entitled “Designing multi-stakeholder urban regeneration”, through a course of study, analysis and community building between different available actors and different points of view. It represented a contribution of knowledge and case studies to create a useful tool for Public Administrations, Professionals, Employees, and real estate development funds, aimed at enabling processes and policies of urban regeneration that see the presence of essential elements for the success and sustainability of these interventions, such as: the involvement of communities, the quality of the real estate offer, the mobilisation of public-private finance, the protection of collective interests, and the development of polycentrism and biodiversity in cities.