Firenze a Conti Fatti

In 2019, LAMA organised the online and offline communication campaign of the Nardella council’s 5-year end-of-term budget, which also included an accountability website for the results and a public event to present it to stakeholders and citizens. GO TO THE WEBSITE

Firenze Prossima

Firenze Prossima was an online citizen listening campaign and a participatory pathway supporting the new Municipal Operational Plan of the Municipality of Florence. LAMA took care of the communication actions to support both projects, with an online and offline citizen campaign, project channels and communication, and institutional communication support. GO TO THE WEBSITE Firenze Prossima […]

How to design participatory urban policies?

Firenze Prossima – Participatory Pathway 2021 is the City of Florence’s participatory pathway on the Municipality’s new Structural Plan and Operational Plan. LAMA won the Administration’s tender in a joint venture with Sociolab Impresa Sociale as lead partner. A hybrid, next-generation citizen engagement pathway, that held together the physical and digital dimensions, mixing live assemblies, mobile stations […]

How to evaluate and communicate the results of 5 years of government?

In 2019, LAMA won the municipal tender for the award of the end-of-term budget communication service of the Nardella council’s five-year administration. Together with strategic partner OpenPolis, LAMA collaborated on the analysis of the administration’s achievements; organized an online and offline communication campaign, a results accountability website, and a public presentation event to stakeholders and […]