Impact is not in form but in substance

We are a cooperative, a group of businesses, a platform for professionals and skillsets.

We act in the world to make it a better place, and we do so by helping organizations and places innovate and transform sustainably.

Our long history in economics and development cooperation has left us with methodologies, insight and international expertise that we now enhance in our project capabilities and presence in global networks of research and innovation.


Our cooperative was founded in 2007.

In 2013 we founded the company The HUB s.r.l. to manage the co-working space Impact Hub Firenze (part of the Impact HUB global network of spaces for social innovation), which today has a resident community of +150 members.


In 2019 we founded MIM – Made in Manifattura, the company with which we manage the temporary use of the premises of  Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence.


In 2020 we become Social Enterprise, matching our form to our substance.

2020 Social Report

2021 Social Report

2022 Social Report

Partners at LAMA

Francesca Mazzocchi


Andrea Rapisardi

Financial and Administrative Director

Riccardo Luciani

Innovation Manager and MIM Director

Alessandra Zagli

Head of Social Innovation Area

Dario Marmo

Project Manager

Chiara Nenci

Community Manager

Gaia Cervelin

MIM Executive director

Ilaria Esposito

Europe Lab coordinator

Mattia Forni

Research and Evaluation

Irene Meniconi


Carlo Guerra

Art Director

Sara Barbieri

Sara Barbieri

Service Designer

Our team

Our values and experience are those of the partners and people who work with us: qualified, passionate and curious.

Francesca Scozzarro

Communication Manager LAMA

Luisa Costa

Visual Designer LAMA

Francesca Sineo

Europe Lab Assistant LAMA

Harshita Thakare

Research and evaluation LAMA

Chiara Manfriani

Chiara Manfriani

Assistant Project Manager LAMA

Martina Aiazzi Mancini

Head of Cultural Mediation LAMA

Eleonora Perra

Sales & Event MIM