BET – Digital Learning for Social Inclusion

The digital revolution and pandemic acceleration have transformed our lives and the way we interact and organise ourselves to achieve common goals. This is especially true for the younger generations: the way they relate, access information and learn has changed enormously compared to just a few years ago. If we think about Covid and schools, we understand in a very clear way how disruptive, disorganised, undesigned and poorly digested the use of digital technology has become for educational institutions, teachers and students. And we also know how many students in economically or geographically marginalised conditions have been effectively excluded from learning processes.

The BET! project funded by the European Erasmus+ programme therefore aims to innovate the professional practices, skills and knowledge of 400 European teachers in order to respond adequately, in a planned, conscious and structural way to the challenges of the future of a global and digital society.

The activities planned for the next 2 years are:

  • A needs analysis research on educational innovation and digital competence development in school curricula in the Covid 19 and post-Covid 19 era in the 4 countries involved;
  • A European Digital Curriculum aimed at identifying the best learning strategies and the most appropriate digital and technological tools to meet disadvantaged students’ learning needs in particular;
  • The realisation of the BET UE! Academy, a comprehensive set of online and face-to-face training courses and webinars for teachers.

The first research phase starts with the release of a QUESTIONNAIRE addressed to SECONDARY SCHOOL teachers in the 4 countries where the project takes place (Italy, Romania, Greece and Portugal).

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