Building skills for the future of non-urban areas

In non-urban areas, young people and institutions struggle to activate fruitful dialogues. On the one hand, youth organisations perceive a lack of representation in territorial decision-making and find the existing means of promoting confrontation, such as forums and working groups, ineffective. On the other hand, local authorities feel the need to acquire more competences regarding youth policies and participative involvement.

These are just the main points of what emerged from theneeds analysis of young people and local institutions in non-urban areas, which we conducted in recent months as part of the Place Out! projectwhich runs in parallel in four European rural territories with similar characteristics, including Mugello (Tuscany) in Italy.

In a field such as territorial regeneration, promoting dialogue between institutions and youth groups can be an important key to activating processes that can generate innovation and have a positive impact on the social, political and economic dynamics of these territories.

Based on the findings of the first phase of the project, we developed a calendar of training sessions targeted at the two identified interest groups.



Two webinar cycles in March and April: from 6 March every Wednesday until 24 April there will be a cycle dedicated to youth organisations and from 14 Marchevery Thursday until 11 April  there will be a cycle dedicated to local institutions. 

A range of topics will be explored, including spatial regeneration, European project development and participatory processes, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge to promote positive change.

Read the programme and more information for youth organisations

Read the programme and more information for local institutions



In the middle of March, training courses will be organised in the municipality of Borgo San Lorenzo. This again consists of two separate courses, one for the under-35s and one for public authorities.

9 and 10 March: Shaping the future, bringing ideas to life. Tools and skills for youth organisations. See the programme.

12, 16 and 23 March: Implementing territorial policies. Tools and skills for public administrations. See the programme.

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