EUREKA – Training urban innovators

EUREKA is a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme, and managed by a partnership of 11 organisations from Italy, Spain, Romania, the Netherlands and Sweden, of which we are partners. In Italy, the research is conducted by the IUAV University of Venice, project leader, in collaboration with LAMA and Melting Pro.


A top-down approach to urban planning has repeatedly failed to work. In order to realize more sustainable cities, local administrators, cultural organizations, and local businesses must work together to transform the increasing number of abandoned urban spaces across Europe.

This new context requires a new professional profile: an urban regenerator with a strong social agenda. Although already in great demand on the labour market, this profile still lacks adequate training and recognition in Europe.


European Urban Regenerators Knowledge Alliance (EUREKA) is a three-year European project funded by the Erasmus+ programme, aiming to create a multidisciplinary curriculum jointly designed by universities, cultural professionals and policy makers, for the professional profile of the urban regenerator. By identifying skills needed and developing training, the project aims to meet the needs of the European labour market.


Together we aim to design innovative training that links practice to theory and addresses the current challenges of urban regeneration.

The building blocks of the project:

  • Investigate the needs of businesses, public administrations, and communities to determine what the urban regenerator’s competencies should be;
  • Co-designing a training involving four leading European universities, companies, public and non-profit organisations and former students;
  • Implement the training programme in 4 local clusters across Europe: Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Romania;
  • Organizing 3 international mobility programs for students and enterprises;
  • Running 4 living-labs across Europe as spaces to study and work, tackling real-life problems.


Do you work in the field of innovation and social inclusion?

With the EUREKA European project European Urban REgenerators Knowledge Alliance you have the opportunity to make your contribution by participating in the survey designed to define the profile of the urban regenerator.

Take part in the survey. Your opinion counts!

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