Tools to unlock the transformative potential of temporary uses

After 3 years of research and experimentation in several European cities, the T-Factor project (Horizon 2020) has produced some significant resources dedicated to professionals working in the field of urban regeneration with a specific focus on new knowledge, tools and approaches to temporary urbanism.

‘Participatory Futures’ is a guide to methods and tools for designing and implementing temporary use strategies in urban regeneration, which we’ve co-authored. Aimed at businesses, local authorities, developers and property investors, the guide contains all the tools developed through the experimentation of temporary uses in various European cities. Recognising the complexity of contemporary urban regeneration and the multiple challenges involved, the project team developed a flexible methodology that could adapt and evolve according to the needs and opportunities of different contexts, building on the challenges of the pilot projects.

‘In the meanwhile’ is a new podcast that explores the power of temporary urbanism through the voices of experts in the field and the showcasing of innovative projects that promote the positive transformation of spaces and contribute to the creation of inclusive, sustainable and resilient cities. Topics covered in the first episodes included the relationship between design and urban fauna, and the relationship between social innovation and big data.

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