How to design multistakeholder urban regeneration?

In 2018, LAMA wanted to ground its experience on implemented urban regeneration interventions (Impact HUB and Manifattura Tabacchi Florence), with the writing of a white paper entitled “Designing Multistakeholder Urban Regeneration”. A contribution of knowledge and case histories that aims to be a useful tool for Public Administrations, Professionals, Operators and Real Estate Development Funds to initiate processes and policies of urban regeneration that see the co-presence of elements essential to the success and sustainability of these interventions: the involvement of communities, the quality of real estate supply, the mobilization of public-private finance, and the protection of the collective interest for the development of polycentric and biodiverse cities. The White Paper is the result of a research and engagement process that involved interviews, meetings, and desk research activities, combining a reading of current trends and policies with a collective and choral vision that feeds on the views and expertise of all stakeholders.

Download the white paper (in Italian)