Research and impact

We are a team of researchers and analysts who conduct applied, quantitative and qualitative research; evaluate policies, programmes, and projects; and develop methodologies for measuring social impact.

Applied Research

Through direct assignments and participation in national and European tenders, we carry out applied socio-economic research for national and international organisations.

Context analysis

Needs and potential analysis

Policy trends and scenarios

Benchmarking of innovative models

Feasibility studies

Monitoring, evaluation
and implementation analysis

The implementation of projects, programmes and policies is a continuous learning process. Therefore, it is essential to establish systems from the start to monitor progress and evaluate results, combining quantitative and qualitative data, and valorizing all stakeholders’ perspectives and experiences.

Among existing approaches, we favour the Theory of Change wherever possible.

(Re)construction of the Theory of Change

Construction of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

Implementation analysis

Organisational empowerment and provision of tools for internal use

Impact assessment

Impact and sustainability are key words in social and environmental policies, and represent their most strategic horizon of action. Because of this, our company specialises in effective methodologies that help entities and organizations assess, measure, and maximize the social and economic impacts of their efforts, engage stakeholders, and communicate internal and externally about the results achieved.

Social Impact Assessment

Economic Impact Assessment

Gender Impact Assessment

For impact assessment, LAMA and individual researchers participate in:

Associazione Italiana Valutazione (AIV)

Sistema Nazionale di Valutazione (SNV Coesione) della Politica di Coesione

Albo nazionale valutatori dell’Impresa Sociale Con i Bambini

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