How to activate processes of artistic co-creation in the reactivation of disused spaces?

Future DiverCities is a European project funded by the Creative Europe programme, designed according to a model of slow prototyping in ‘urban voids’, which aims to develop new cultural and ecological interventions. Pilot projects will take place simultaneously in 9 European cities: Berlin, Zagreb, Split, Liepaja, Kuopio, Marseille, Florence, Timișoara and Athens. The expected impact of Future DiverCities is to change the approach to cultural regeneration by emphasising the need to create value in urban voids through cultural practices and long and continuous processes of presence and animation, using relational devices and the role of the artist as a key actor for social and civic change.

Budget: €3.323.720,0

Duration: 48 months

Role: Partner


Applicant: La Friche La Belle de Mai (FR) Other partner organisations: 1) ANTI (FI) 2) Public Art Lab (DE) 3) KONTJENER, bureau of contemporary art praxis (HR) 4) Seconde Nature (FR) 5) PLAI (RO) 6) Bios Exploring Urban Culture (GR) 7) Liepaja Culture Department (LV) 8) ECHN (GR) 9) Ashoka (PL) 10) Waag (NL) 11) Savonia University (FI)