How to create a participatory, shared and sustainable vision of the future of the Parco delle Cascine in Florence?

+ CASCINE is a collective contribution of civic imagination on the Parco delle Cascine in Florence, created to promote its identity as a cultural institution and common good.

It was a path of research, stakeholder engagement and communication, promoted by Manifattura Tabacchi and LAMA, with the aim of bringing to the city’s attention the theme of governance, protection, enhancement and liveability of Florence’s largest green lung. Starting from a desk research on the key features of the Park’s history and heritage, LAMA carried out in-depth interviews with experts, economic operators of the Park, cultural institutions and public administration referents, which produced a document of collective imagination, an augmented map of the Park and a call for projects destined to create a public digital archive of the numerous studies and projects on the Park from various disciplinary points of view.