How to design collaborative and cooperative learning experiences?

The European SCC sharing, collaboration, cooperation project is funded by the Erasmus+ program and implemented in collaboration with Cooperatives Europe, Ouishare, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Febecoop, Condiviso, Tzbz Coop, and Esspace (the largest cooperative entities in Europe).

LAMA designed and created a new toolkit to support educational institutions, schools, and universities to innovate their methodologies with horizontal and hybrid approaches typical of coworking, with tools for building experiential learning pathways and best practices in coworking space education and innovative communities. The Toolkit can be downloaded from the project website.

Budget: €322.408,0

Duration: 34 months

Role: Partner


Applicant: Cooperatives Europe (BE) Other partner organisations: 1) CONDIVISO (IT) 2) Tazebaez S.Coop (ES) 3) Les Amis De L’Ess’Pace (FR) 4) FEBECO (BE) 5) IHF (IT) / LAMA (IT) 6) MU ENPRESAGINTZA S. COOP. 7) OuiShare Quèbec (Canada)