How to increase international collaboration between institutions against environmental pollution?

The partnership consisting of Ambiente Spa (lead partner), LAMA, OIKUMENA (Moldovan NGO) and RACSE (Ukrainian think tank) was awarded the contract for the Black Sea pollution diagnostic service, funded by the World Bank’s Blueing the Black Sea Program. The overall objective of the program is to foster investment in the blue economy for the Black Sea and strengthen regional dialogue and institutions. LAMA was responsible for stakeholder analysis and stakeholder mapping, engagement processes and consultation with communities in the most polluted areas through interviews and online questionnaires. The objective of the activity being carried out by LAMA is to increase collaboration, knowledge transfer, and synergies among institutions to address the problem of pollution in the Black Sea and to raise awareness of these problems at both institutional and non-institutional levels. Together with the World Bank, LAMA was also responsible for the dissemination of the final results of the assignment.