How to make technical and technological innovation an opportunity for social inclusion and gender equality?

InCUBE is a Horizon Europe project involving a wide network of partners from the construction, energy efficiency and urban regeneration sectors.

In line with the sustainability objectives promoted by the Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus, it supports the realisation of redevelopment interventions on 3 buildings in European cities (Zaragoza, Groningen, and Trento) characterised by different uses, introducing and testing the integration of new technologies and processes in a way never seen before in the sector. LAMA participates in the project as a social impact expert. Its role is to facilitate inclusive processes involving the workers involved and the end users of the buildings. Through a continuous cycle of pre-assessment, coaching, and evaluation of the three pilots, LAMA helps the different sites and their stakeholders to implement inclusive approaches and evaluate the results achieved.

Budget: €9.989.643,0

Duration: 48 months

Role: Partner


Applicant: ETHNIKO KENTRO EREVNAS KAI TECHNOLOGIKIS ANAPTYXIS [CERTH] GR Other partner organisations: 1) Intelligent Solutions for Zero and Positive Energy Buildings [IsZEB] GR 2) KENTYOU [KENT] FR 3) Institut de Tecnologia de la Construccion de Catalunya [ITeC] ES 4) Federatie van Verenigingen voor Verwarming en Luchtbehandeling in Europa [REHVA] BE 5) COMUNE DI TRENTO [TRE] IT 6) Fondazione Bruno Kessler [FBK] IT 7) RINA Consulting S.p.A. [RINA-C] IT 8) K-Flex Polska sp. z o.o. [K-FLEX] PO 9) TEGOLA CANADESE SRL [TEGOLA] IT 10) Tera Società a Responsabilità Limitata [TERA] IT 11) Evolvere SpA Società Benefit [EVOLVERE] IT 12) Eneren S.r.l. [ENEREN] IT 13) Sociedad Municipal Zaragoza Vivienda S.L.U [ZAVI] ES 14) FUNDACION CIRCE CENTRO DE INVESTIGACION DE RECURSOS Y CONSUMOS ENERGETICOS [CIRCE] ES 15) METRO7 EDIFICACION SINGULAR Y CONSTRUCCION SOSTENIBLE, S.L. [METRO7] ES 16) ABORA ENERGY, S.L. [ABORA] ES 17) Kover Siglo XXI, S.L. [KOVER] ES 18) EDP SOLAR ESPAÑA SA [EDPS] ES 19) Van Wijnen Groningen B.V. [VW] NL 20) Stichting Lefier [LEFIER] NL 21) STICHTING NEW ENERGY COALITION [NEC] NL 22) WEBO B.V. [WEBO] NL