Which models encourage the valorisation of natural capital and ecosystem services in mountain areas?

The project, selected as one of the winners of the SubMeasure 19.2 “Community Regeneration Projects” of the GAL Start call, intends to valorise the eco-systemic services of the forest in order to relaunch local economies, generate sustainable development and improve community living conditions, promoting a new service that integrates Forest Therapy with other experiences of mountain wellness, slow tourism and food and wine, in the municipalities of Londa, San Godenzo and Reggello. The project leader is the Associazione Foresta Modello delle Montagne Fiorentine. In addition to LAMA, which takes care of service design and communication, the following are direct partners: Unione dei Comuni Valdisieve e Valdarno, CNR – Institute for Bioeconomics, Marchesi Frescobaldi Az. Agr., C.A.T. Cooperativa Sociale, Geco Impresa Sociale, Associazione Ecotondo, A. Agr. Lorenzo Gori.