Research and impact

A team of researchers and analysts dedicated to applied, quantitative and qualitative research; to policy, program and project evaluation; and to defining social impact measurement tools, in different sectoral areas.

Studies and research

We do studies and research for national and international institutions, on order or on national and European bids. We have refined our experience in the following areas:
Social innovation
Labor and skills
Manufacturing 4.0
Global health
Local development
Cooperation and community

Evaluation, impact and sustainability

Measuring the results of the implemented actions, the impact of programs and policies, the outcomes of the projects. Data are value and create knowledge, internal and external to organizations. That is why we value them in terms of strategic decision support and communication to stakeholders, shareholders, customers and citizens. Sustainability is our nature, our actions and the value content of our consulting.
Evaluation of projects, programs, and policies
Impact reports

For impact evaluation,
we actively participate in:

Associazione Italiana Valutazione (AIV) Sistema Nazionale Valutazione (SNV Coesione) Gruppo di Lavoro Valutazione dell’Innovazione Sociale del NUVAP-DPCoe Gruppo di Lavoro meta-valutazione del Fondo Nazionale per il Contrasto alla Povertà Educativa Minorile Albo nazionale valutatori dell’Impresa Sociale Con i Bambini

Our experiences:

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