Research, evaluation, impact

A dedicated team of researchers and analysts for:
– quantitative and qualitative research
– policy, programms and projects evaluation 
– social impact assessment


Studies and researches

To give value to our consulting proposals, we have chosen to produce thought in the areas in which we work. Furthermore, we carry out studies and research for national and international organizations and institutions.

Social innovation


Work and skills

Manufacturing 4.0

Global health

Local development

Cooperation and community

Studies and researches for institutions

we produce studies and research for national and international bodies, working on contract or participating in European grants.

Our strengths are in these sectors:

Social Innovation


Work and skills

Manufactoring 4.0

Global health

Local development

Cooperation and community

Evaluation, impact and sustainability

Measure the results of the actions carried out; the impact of programs and policies; the outcomes of the projects developed. Data is a value and creates knowledge, internal and external to organizations. This is why we value them in terms of support for strategic decisions and communication with stakeholders, shareholders, customers and citizens.

Evaluation of projects, programs and policies

Impact reports


For the impact assessment, we actively participate in:

Italian Evaluation Association (AIV)

National Evaluation System (VNS Cohesion)

NUVAP-DPCoe Social Innovation Evaluation Working Group

Meta-evaluation Working Group of the National Fund for the Fight against Juvenile Educational Poverty

National register of evaluators of Impresa sociale “Con i bambini”

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